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About the Foundation

About the Foundation

Sickle Cell Awareness and Health Foundation is a non-profit organization that started in March 2018 as an awareness forum and was incorporated in January 2020. We are driven by two significant objectives: to amplify awareness on Sickle Cell Disorder (SCD) and to ensure that less privileged persons with this disorder have access to quality healthcare. Our awareness projects are carried out to ensure that an increased percentage of persons are tested to know their genotype status. Thus equipping them with the information required to make informed decisions as regards their marital partner and/or offspring(s). This awareness forum hopes to truncate the continued inheritance of sickle cell disease and occurrence in Nigeria, reduce child and maternal mortality and eradicate the stigma associated with SCD. We hope to achieve our objectives by utilizing social media and organize programs aimed at creating awareness on Sickle Cell Disorder.

What We Do?
1. Sickle Cell Awareness
2. Free Genotype screening
3. Advocacy
4. Genetic counselling
5. Volunteer Blood Donation Awareness
6. Support groups for people living with sickle cell disorder
7. Blood Donation Drives

You should Know

Our Objectives

  • To create awareness, educate and enlighten the public through several communication channels on sickle cell disease, prevention, eradication, management and health issues.
  • To foster increased Health Care service accessibility and delivery to people with Sickle Cell Disorder.
  • To advocate for the rights of people living with Sickle Cell Disorder.
  • To cooperate and collaborate with institutions, the federal and states government in Nigeria and other bodies nationally or globally with the unified goals of building a healthy nation. 
  • To reiterate the need for and ensure compliance on, knowing one’s Genotype status, offer and facilitate free genotype and blood group testing to the public at large. 
  • To advocate for the rights of people living with Sickle Cell Disorder.
  • To encourage volunteer blood donation. 
Omubo-Pepple Tamunotokini

A 3rd year Law student at Rivers State University, Nigeria. Having firsthand experience of the effect of ignorance and poor awareness on sickle cell disease in her community and a strong desire to address the issues of stigma and ignorance gave birth to Sickle Cell Awareness and Heath Foundation. 

She is passionate about photography and volunteering.

Omubo-Pepple Tamunotokini

The Founder

Executive Board Members

Dabota Omubo-Pepple is an Accident and Emergency Nurse who holds a Bachelor Degree in Nursing Science from University of Port Harcourt, Nigeria. Dabota is inspired by her personal mantra "giving is living", which has led her to engage in volunteering for non-profit organizations whose activities are centered around health care, Social welfare, Community Development and achieving the SDG's. She has over 5 years’ experience in volunteering for Non-profit organisations. She is the Co-Founder Sickle Cell Awareness and Health Foundation, foundation birthed from her passion for sickle cell advocacy. She is also a member of the World Economic Forum, Global Shapers Community Port Harcourt Hub, Nigeria.
Dabota Omubo-Pepple
Executive Director
A Medical Doctor with NHS England. He is passionate about sickle cell health education and has achieved this using various media outlets. He is the Co- founder Sickle Cell Awareness and Health Foundation and the Executive Director of Sickle Smart Society. He is dedicated to sickle cell advocacy.
Dr Joseph .O. Agbi
Board Member
Dr Kaladada Korubo became a Consultant Haematologist and Fellow of the National Postgraduate Medical College of Nigeria in April 2012 and graduated with the Prof. Aba Sagoe’s honor for the “Best Candidate in Part 2 Fellowship Examination in Haematology, Nigeria”.
Dr Kaladada Korubo
Board Member

She also received the University of Port
Harcourt Teaching Hospital – Association of Resident Doctors’ award for the “Most
Outstanding Resident’’ for the year 2012.
She has a postgraduate training in Morphology from St. George’s University, London,
United Kingdom. She is currently a Senior Lecturer at University of Port Harcourt, Consultant Haematologist and Head of Department (Department of Haematology, Blood Transfusion & Immunology) University of Port Harcourt Teaching Hospital.

Dr. Korubo is well vested in the management of sickle cell disease and other haematological disorders. She who enjoys teaching, clinical practice and research in haematology- especially in the areas of Haematological cancers and sickle cell anaemia. She is the author of several papers in local and international journals, including a text book titled “Lecture Notes in Haematology”.

She is a strong public advocate for increasing awareness of sickle cell disease and other haematological disorders. She is a member of Nigerian Society for Haematology & Blood Transfusion, College of Pathologist of Nigeria, American Society of Haematology, and British for Haemtology, Nigerian Medical association and other national and international professional organisation. She is a philanthropist and is a member of an NGO that caters for widows, motherless, orphans and the sick.
She is married to her soul mate Dr. I.F. Korubo (who is a Consultant Endocrinologist), and together they have three children (two boys aged seventeen and fifteen; with a daughter who is eleven years old). She enjoys singing, swimming, reading novels and watching movies.

A Harvard-trained Journalist and Development specialist who has been working in the Niger Delta for the past 10 years. Ebenezar is popularly known for "The Stroll Live", an interview series that he founded in 2013 with his java mobile phone and featured over 100 world leaders and experts from more than 30 countries.
Ebenezar Wikina
Board Member

As Editor of NDLink, he focuses his reportage on the activities of development stakeholders working in Nigeria’s South by tracking funds spent on projects, giving visibility to local Civil Society Organizations, and providing a platform for development discourse. His work has been featured on The Huffington Post, United Nations blog, World Economic Forum Agenda, BBC World Service, Al Jazeera, CNBC Africa, to mention a few.


In addition to his work in the media, Ebenezar has also been involved in community development over the past decade. He organized West Africa’s only TEDxYouth event in 2014, spoke at the 25th Anniversary of the World Economic Forum on Africa, and served as Technical Committee member for the Government of Rivers State Sustainable Development Goals Office. He is currently a member of the Open Government Partnership Youth collective, ambassador of USAID-funded YouthLead, and sits on the boards of the Port Harcourt Global Shapers Hub and Sickle Cell Awareness and Health Foundation (SCAHF).


This extensive work has earned him several awards and recognition, some of which include; The Mandela Washington Fellowship, the maiden Soundcity Africa MVP for Community Development, the British Council’s Future News Worldwide, the Global Investigative Journalism Fellowship, to mention a few.


Ebenezar guest lectures “Online Journalism” at Ken Saro-Wiwa Polytechnic, and has so far co-authored two books. Being a passionate advocate for virtual learning, he has studied at Harvard Kennedy School, London School of Journalism, International Institute of Journalism, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), and Nexford University.

An Engineer working with Nigerian Agip Oil Company. He is graduate of Gas Engineering from the University Of Port Harcourt. He advocates for people living with Sickle cell disease.
Basuo Telimoye
Board Member
Dr Emmanuel Efah Egbe is a medical Doctor with the Nigerian Defence Headquarters, Dr Emmanuel is a passionate global change agent who volunteers with numerous non-profits around the world. Emmanuel is also a public speaker and a public health advocate with focus on the SDG’s. He is very passionate about the health sector in Africa which led him to establish Health Influencers Network, an organization that is leading the drive for health reforms in Nigeria and Africa. He also advocates for people living with sickle cell disease.
Dr Emmanuel Efah Egbe
Board Member

Team Members

Ruth Ikegah

Head of Administration

Dan-Asisah, Tamara-Tonye Divinefavour.


Favour Hachikaru Amadi

Assitant Secretary

Bibiana Merick Chidome

Financial Secretary

Prevail Orezimena

Public Relations Officer

Anita Osuji

Assistant Public Relations Officer

Anna Bellgam

Welfare Secretary

Joyce Anchor Chituru

Assistant Welfare Secretary

Anthonio Kekeocha

Team Lead Media and Communications Department

Nuel Wogundu

Assistant Team Lead Media and Communications Department

Jack Sogbeye

Team Lead Research Department

Banimi Greorge

Assistant Research Department

Dr Kamilu Belo . A

Team Lead Medical Department

Bright Kwele Chibuzor

Assistant Team Lead Medical Department

Uranta Sofiri

Team Lead Logistics

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