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Our Story

The Sickle Cell Awareness and Health Foundation started in March 2018 as an awareness forum. The initiative stemmed from the founder‘s experience with stigmatisation and poor public knowledge of sickle cell disorder. Over time, we evolved to provide services aimed at combating challenges relating to lack of access to healthcare, blood, and its products. SCAHF was then incorporated in January 2020 in Nigeria as a non-profit organization (CAC number: 141658), providing services such as professional support for people living with sickle cell disease, improving access to health, blood, and blood products through blood drives and donor-to-patient linkage.

Our Drive

Nigeria has the highest rate of sickle cell disease in the world. According to the WHO, Nigeria is the global epicentre of sickle cell disease in the world and yet not enough is being done to tackle it. 

Sickle Cell Awareness and Health Foundation (SCAHF) is a non-profit organization dedicated to raising awareness of sickle cell disease, reducing child and maternal mortality, and eradicating the stigma associated with the disease in Nigeria.


Sickle Cell Awareness and Health Foundation SCAHF About
Sickle Cell Awareness and Health Foundation SCAHF About Ruth Ikegah
Our Goal

SCAHF hopes to truncate the continued inheritance of sickle cell disease and occurrence in Nigeria, reduce child and maternal mortality and eradicate the stigma associated with Sickle Cell Disease.

We hope to achieve these by utilizing social media and targeted programs aimed at creating awareness on Sickle Cell Disorder.

What we do

  1. Sickle Cell Awareness
  2. Free Genotype Screening
  3. Sickle Cell Advocacy
  4. Genetic Counselling
  5. Volunteer Blood Donation Awareness
  6. Support Group for SCD Warriors
  7. Blood Drives
Sickle Cell Awareness and Health Foundation SCAHF About
Our Objectives
  • To create awareness, educate and enlighten the public through several communication channels on sickle cell disorder, prevention, eradication, management and health issues.
  • To emphasize the need to know one’s genotype status and encourage the public by offering and facilitating free genotype and blood group testing screening.
  • To stimulate monthly haematology checks and foster increased Health Care service accessibility and delivery to people with Sickle Cell Disorder.
  • To invigorate people living with Sickle Cell Disorder through targeted media content and professional counselling.
  • To advocate for the lives of people living with Sickle Cell Disorder and encourage voluntary blood donation.
  • To cooperate and collaborate with institutions, the federal and states government in Nigeria and other bodies nationally or globally with the unified goals of building a healthy nation.

Board of Trustees

Otokini Omubo-Pepple


Dr Kelechi ScAHF
Dr Kelechi Okeagu

Board Member

Ruki Efejeku

Board Member

Ebenezar Wikina

Board Member

Professor Sokaribo Senibo Akosiererem
Prof. Akosiererem Sokaribo

Board Member

Joseph Agbi
Dr. Joseph Agbi

Board Chairman

Kaladada Kurubo
Prof. Kaladada Korubo

Board Member

Engr. Telimoye Basuo

Board Member

We believe in partnering and collaboration

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Executive team

Dabota Omubo-Pepple

Executive Director

Sokaribo Senibo Sokaribo
Sokaribo Senibo S.

Innovation and Research

Nelson Ukor SCAHF
Nelson Ukor

Programs Manager

Silas Moses MO6 SCAHF
Silas Moses

Media Lead