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Help make the world a better place! A pint of blood at a time

Join SCAHF and together, let us truncate SCD inheritance and make blood accessible.

Our Work

Nigeria bears almost half of the global burden of annual sickle cell births. We’re on a mission to change that.

With 24% of Nigerians as carriers of specific sickle cell traits, advocacy is important to ensure the populace are enlightened and in turn, new sickle cell births are halted. We believe sustainable work is community-led. Our interventions are community-focused with the goal of creating awareness on sickle cell disease, voluntary blood donation and truncating the continued inheritance of sickle cell disease and its occurrence.

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About Us

We are driven by two significant objectives: to intensify awareness of Sickle Cell Disorder (SCD) and to ensure that the less privileged people with this disorder have access to quality healthcare. 

Our awareness projects are carried out to ensure that an increased percentage of people are tested to know their genotype status. Thus, equipping them with the information required to make informed decisions as regards their marital partner and/or offspring (s).

Our Vision

To witness a Nigeria with a declining sickle cell disorder birth rate, competent public and personal healthcare system, proper education and social security regulations in order to improve the lives of people living with the condition.

Our Values

Our people are our values.  We share a common passion to break the sickle cycle, thus this creates unrivalled determination to succeed. We embody bravery and compassion. We are purpose-driven, informed.

Our Mission

To truncate the continued inheritance of sickle cell disorder through effective awareness/sensitisation campaigns, strive for an improved lifestyle and foster increased healthcare accessibility and delivery to people living with  Sickle Cell Disorder.

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Statistics from the American Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) show that over 300,000 babies are born globally each year with Sickle Cell. 75% of these babies are found in Sub-Saharan Africa and, of those 75%, Nigeria carries 65% of the burden in the region, making them the highest in the world. 

SCD is a blood disorder that occurs when there is damage to the body’s hemoglobin, which is a protein found in the red blood cells that carry oxygen in the body and give the blood its red colour.

Currently, there is no readily accessible cure for SCD, especially for indigent people living with SCD. Hence, the need to create awareness to truncate the inheritance and teach parents and people living with sickle cell disease (PLWSCD) how to care for and manage the disorder.

SCAHF volunteers Sickle Cell Awareness and Health Foundation

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